Thursday, February 3, 2011


We're Live! Delicious - Emily's Childhood Memories is now officially part of history!

Have a fun day!


  1. Just finished the game! In case you'd like some feedback, here's mine: In the very first level, there is a mouse hole. I have played with and without the tutorial and gotten expert, and the mouse never pops out of the hole. Of course, I don't get a firework for getting all the mice because of this. In addition, during the prom levels, when people are dancing, you can't make ice cream. This has led to some angry customers but I've still gotten expert so no real complaints here.
    Overall--THANK YOU! I cannot tell you how much I love this game as well as the series. The story lines are so adorable, the graphics are so...pretty! I love the cleverness of the game. Y'all have come so far and your appreciation of your fans is evident. PLEASE don't wait too long to put out a new game. Thank you again!

  2. Oh thats a great game, but i miss the endless-levels. Are there not of this in the game?

  3. I love all the Delicious Emily games. I've played them all and have been waiting for the newest one. I love it!!! Out all of the games out there the Delicious Emily series are my all time favorite. How about next time staging the next game in Paris, after all thats the cooking mecca right! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

  4. I'll be honest, the "ost" of this game is FABULOUS, even though the main song was recycled in every single level, it actually worked, and very well.
    Francois as a teenager looked very odd, perhaps because of the absence of facial hair...
    My game worked just fine, no bugs, and i must say that a lot was improved, to begin with, there're more characters, and most of them are portraied in several looks, the "dj" gave a very nice touch, since the piano player at the second game was just a decoration, the "tags" that show us the new products in the scenes are ugly, i prefer the sparks and bells .
    This game is a lot easier than the others, the expert mode was a piece of cake, compared with heart's medicine, this was a child's play(funny thing, i believe that most of the players aren't children AT ALL), i finished the game without the need to repeat more than two levels, and because i missed the mice, the memory games where very tricky though.
    One last thing, in the next one, try to give more replay factor, because for more fun that this game might give, there's not much to do after we finish it, the next one could have more puzzles, the come back of the endless mode, REAL unlockable extras, and my sugestion of a emily in a "virtual world" still stands.
    CONGRATULATIONS to this fabulous group of professionals, and as an aspirant game designer (giving my first bay steps) i can only say that you guys are an inspiration to me, and delicious - emily's series are masterpieces.

  5. I found quite a few bugs in the game. The first level mouse hole was one. I had to play that level 3 or 4 times to get the mouse to pop up. The eggs at the farm kept disappearing from my tray and I had to make them again. I had the same problem with the sandwiches and grill items and ice cream at the camp site. The first time I played it through there were no problems. The problems started popping up the second and third times through. Also would like to add that I'm able to play the whole game through on expert with little challenge. I'm hoping the next one will be not so easy. Although The Posh restaurant in "Tea Garden" seemed impossible at first, it at least provided a challenge for advanced players. I hope you guys get a fix out for these bugs soon even though the game is so easy I can still get expert level with vanishing food.

  6. Also, I heard there was an extra restaurant in this game and it seems to me to only have the 5 that is standard for Emily games. Am I missing something?

  7. Oh another bug I found is the people shuffle at the register. The first time I played it, if there were two people in line and the line next to it became free, the second person in line would move to the free spot. Again, after playing through with no issues the first time, the shuffling became a problem. I had instances where there was no one at the register and both people approaching got in the same line behind each other rather than side by side to be rang out at the same time (for bounus of course). Also, I had an instance where little girl was at the register to pay and an old lady was approaching to order. When the old lady got to the counter she moved ahead of the little girl who was there first. The more I play this game the more weird things happen.

  8. @Edgie1972: The difference between a standard and a premium version is something that is only being made in the US. In europe (Zylom) you can only buy the premium version.
    So, you're not missing anything. If you bought the premium version you have 5 restaurants and a lot extra's.
    P.S. We understand your confusion but we cannot (unfortunately;) influence how our games are being brought to our players.

    To everyone: thanks for your comments and criticism! We will surely take them into account when developing future titles! Keep 'm coming!

  9. Thanks Michel. It was advertised that there was an extra restaurant so I was looking for it everywhere. Thanks for clearning that up.

  10. lol, I'll be sure to spam the hell out of your blog with all my ideas.

    Question about Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories - does Francois have a father? His parents never appear in the game, but I noticed that Evelyn refers to his mother as Ms. Truffaut - implying that she is either widowed, divorced or was never married in the first place. Is this true? Just asking out of curiosity.

    I finished this game in one go. Little Emily is SO CUTE! I also love the idle animations in this. Little Emily pulls out a yo-yo after being left alone for a few seconds, and when Francois rotates his bike his eyes get all big and it is so cute. <3

    I can't wait to see your ideas for the next installment. Please keep us updated kthxbai!

  11. For those confused about the mouse on the first level, you can't skip the intro scene or the mouse won't appear later in the level. I found out the hard way!