Friday, February 11, 2011

And the number one is....!

With all the overwhelming positive comments and reviews childhood memories is receiving these days, we would almost forget a game we released not so long ago. Although we got quite a few remarks about it being too short, we were glad (or should I say relieved?) that it got such great reviews!

I'm glad in times like these I can quote my friend Winston Churchill who once said: "In victory, you deserve Champagne, in defeat, you need it." I say: To the Zylom Game Studio! Good work guys! Cheers!

Best of 2010, in the category Time Management:
From the developers of Delicious Emily's Holiday Season comes another gem of a time management game every casual gamer needs to experience. Heart's Medicine: Season One takes place in a hospital where the newly-arrived Allison Heart is just beginning her residency. Help sick patients by tending to their needs, shuffling them through the hospital as efficiently as you can, never forgetting to take good care of each person. The storyline is fantastic, the presentation is superb, and both the variety and the game's pacing are perfect. Heart's Medicine is simply one of the most well-balanced and entertaining time management games you can find!

if you haven't tried Heart's Medicine, season one before, you just have to try it for free right here:


  1. seriously, when heart's medicine came out, i was just craving for another delicious game, i had instaled tea garden again just to blow my mind in the posh restaurant, then i saw this game, wow!, for more that it has similarities with the delicious series, it has his own flavor, i really expect more diferent themed time management games from you guys, you know how to build a game that is challanging, without being ridiculously difficult(like many famous time management games).I still have heart's medicine installed, and from time to time i still play it, it's more mature than the delicious installment, but the storyline is fantastic, congratulations.

  2. I LOVED this game. The characters and storyline really made it more fun -- just like with the Delicious games. I hope there'll be a "season two" someday!

  3. Are you guys coming out with a SEason two for heart's medicine? I'm very curious, im hoping someone could get back to me on this