Monday, June 6, 2011

Out with the old...

In with the new!
After having and serving the same customers in the Delicious restaurants for the last 3 editions, we thought it would be time for a change.
We decided to renew the customers who come to visit Emily's restaurant. Not only that, we've spent countless hours in picking and matching the clothes they are wearing. Here's what has to say on color matching clothes:

Tips for Matching Clothing Color

Color is just one way of expressing yourself in fashion. Develop the ability to make a fashion statement just by understanding the color wheel. Understand the meaning of words, such as complimentary, triad, and monochromatic. Learn to choose the most flattering colors for your own skin tone.

There's simply not a catalog or a fashion show we have missed the last couple of months.

While we're still in the designing process; If you have any suggestions or requests for our design department, let us know! I'm can't promis you anything, but a good idea is always welcome!


  1. These are much more detailed than the previous ones. I hope they make it into the game. Keep it up!

    Also - I may have said this before - PLEASE work on the hunchbacked walking animation. It's bugging me to no end, lol. I feel like the animation has taken a huge step backwards since Delicious 2 and 3.

  2. I was thinking they should have a combination of new and old customers just like real food places have.

    As far as style you can look into having characters that have certain styles. Maybe match them. If not in the main game a mini game maybe.

    Look at the game series JoJo Fashion Show. There are 3 games out now. In that series you have to match the style. They may give you 3 models and ask you to match the style names they give them. For example you maybe asked to match Bollywood, Sockhop, and Flapper.

    Melody J