Friday, March 18, 2011

The Last Delicious?

At the moment we are working on Delicious 7 and I don't think there is another casual game outthere that has done the same. If you would have told anyone in our studio - way back when - there would be at least 6 sequels to this game, people would have left the building screaming and crying.

But we didn't.

People enjoy working on every new game even more than working on the previous one. How come? Because we feel there is progress to be made. And every single game is a chance for us to improve something in the game.

One thing we are anxious about improving is something called visual storytelling. If the story tells us that Emily is happy, it helps to show that Emily is smiling and - even better - if Emily also jumps for joy!
Simply drawing all these different poses would take us forever. Just look at a glimpse of how Emily feels about things.

A while ago we decided to create every character in 3D so we could give Emily and the entire cast more room to express themselves. Of course when it ends up in the game all characters maintain their typical 2D look. Otherwise it wouldn't look delicious anymore;)
At the moment we are re-re-doing all characters in 3D starting with Angela, Emily's younger sister.

So, as you can see Delicious 7 is not the last Delicious, simply because Emily is not finished yet. Far from it. We feel we have just begun.


  1. I kinda panicked wen i saw the title, i would be pretty mad if this was the end :(
    Delicious is just a very special game and i would never want it to end... EVER!!

    ps. sorry but i signed up in the site for beta testing but i didnt get a approval activation thinge from an admin... wat do i do?

  2. I hope you never stop making these games! <3

  3. @basabeoo: My fault. I forgot to say activation starts april 1. (no kidding) Please be patient.

  4. Amazing. You are going full steam with the game. I hope that the seventh part will not stop:) More Emily;)

  5. Yay, So happy to see its not ending. They truly are my favorite games!!

  6. I was about to go screaming and crying when I read the title! Viva Delicious!

  7. Glad you guys are working on #7.I signed to be a bets tester, and my friend received an e-mail saying you had received my email, does that mean I'm in ?

  8. Phew! 7 is not the last one, GREAT!
    I'm very glad to see Emily is not done yet!

  9. I'm also quite glad to see that Delicious isn't through yet!