Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Delicious packed with lots of fun!

This is a snapshot from another promotional video for the upcoming Delicious - Emily's Childhood Memories. The new video is packed with a lot of never before seen images and fun from the game itself! It will be aired a week before launch. We'll let you know when.
The new game (release 3 February 2011) is also packed with loads and loads of fun! Besides the game itself with a new and highly anticipated feature, it contains extra screensavers, a making of video, a personal photo album and many many more! It even contains things we aren't allowed to discuss...

Put in your agenda: 3 February!


  1. Hi!

    Is that release date for the PC version of the game only?

  2. Hi Maslo,

    I have to check it, but if you're referring to the Mac version, I believe it will be launched on the same date. Other platforms (Ipad, Iphone etc) will follow very soon.

  3. Amazing. Soon a few more days:) These additional items are only in a premium or a regular?

  4. Hi Justyna,

    These are in the premium edition.

  5. hi
    if the German one also comes with English version

  6. Will there be an Android version? =)

  7. the first "delicious" game that i played was the hollyday season, before that i had no idea what "time management" was, for me they were games for kids, but now i know better, they are an escapade from our busy lives, from our problems, a breath of fresh air, and i gotta say (i mean write...), the delicious series are the best, i sure enjoy dinner dash and cakemania, but emily is unstopable, each game we can see improvements, and a very funny storyline, now you guys also released heart's medicine(that game was TOO SHORT, but so touchy!), and now delicious - emily's CM is finally coming, i couldn't ask for more...
    thank you people from zylom, you are fabulous.
    Speaking about "fabulous", you guys could do a game about francois, it could be a fashion game(even if he is an interior decorator), i know that it sounds clichĂȘ, but there aren't many good fashion games out there, and who better than you to deliver something with high quality ?, just think about it.
    "fabulous - francois' fashion show"(that sound a little tacky, but you can create something more chik)