Monday, December 13, 2010

delicious elevator doors!

To celebrate Emily's upcoming birthday we decided it was time to do something to surprise her! And besides this event, we thought it would be cool for everyone visiting the office to literally step into the delicious world called ZYLOM. If this isn't a cool way of entering and leaving our building than I don't know what is!


  1. That´s great!!
    Can't wait to play it!!

  2. I loved it! I love the Delicious series, keep the good work n_n

    Hugs from Chile

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  4. When are you going to produce more Delicious Emily Games? I have Child Hood Memories and enjoy the Game, but I think The Holiday and the Deluxe versions have more time management stratgies to them. Also, I enjoy the jazz music your company accompanies the some of Delicious Emily's games. Can you produce a game whereas Emily owns her own restaurant or restaurants as she expands. I think different types of restaurants as she expands would be great. Please start with small restaurnats in the First Delicious Emily game produced by your company then gradually in another game produce several other types of restaurants. Also, perhaps even build different ethnic restauants for Emily in more games for her. I cannot wait to get these games too!