Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Partis cést mourir un peu

Because we know the talented Paul Konings loves drama, pixar and because he left us to go off to college (...) and left me with this amazing gift while I was on a holiday. This is to Paul, straight from his favorite movie:

Molly: [Andy is climbing up the ladder to the attic to put his toys away when Molly walks out of her room carrying a box] Uh!
[a small heavy ball falls out of the box]
Andy: You need a hand?
Molly: I got it!
Andy: Here.
[he puts the ball back and picks up the box]
Andy: So, you gonna miss me when I'm gone?
Molly: If I say no, do I still get your room?
Andy: [they walk down the stairs] Nope.
Molly: Then, yes, I'll miss you.

1 comment:

  1. Haha! Much thanks for that, Sir!

    Give my regards to the whole crew and keep that emotion coming!


    P.s. While you were gone I saw Toy Story 3, loved it and even had a little lump in my throat. ;)