Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Color layout

One of the discussions during our sprint meeting was wether to spend time creating an overview of the work that needs to be done or to just begin producing. This sounds obvious, but is always a talking point between the producer and the art department. Stuff needs to be produced and time is always of the essence. We had a firm discussion (that maybe explains the barking dog...) about designing character poses in 2D instead of doing that same thing in 3D. This takes time of course, but eventually should win us some time and not to forget quality. What do you think?

This color layout is also a nice example. It's an overview of the mood that every area should convey. So not particularly the color of the area. If we would begin with the second area without laying out the overview, chances are that the second area would not look like the first one just to look different. If we do it with an overview, it gives us control and a chance to play around with mood flows. Which of course is very important if we want to create a moving experience for our audience.

The yellow stands for sunshine, for life which in our game stands for fertility. So that area will contain images, and not to forget gameplay that will have to do something with creating life...

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